Pregnancy Pilates

Specialist pregnancy Pilates classes supporting you throughout the prenatal and postnatal stages

Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates

Pregnancy and childbirth are times of significant change to your body, and Pilates classes for both prenatal and postnatal mums are a wonderful way to manage these changes throughout. Taking part regularly in our small classes ensures plenty of care and attention from Judy, our specialist prenatal and postnatal Pilates teacher, and the gentle exercises can help to reduce lower back and pelvic pain, before, during and after labour.

We work closely with your midwife, GP or practitioner to ensure that our pregnancy Pilates classes meet the needs of your particular stage of pregnancy, therefore all referral notes are very welcome. Once you become a mum, we’ll adjust your postnatal exercises to suit the new stage your body is at.

When do you run pregnancy Pilates classes?

The pregnancy Pilates mat work class is held every Monday from 8.30pm-9.30pm, and is suitable for ladies during every stage of their pregnancy.

When do you run postnatal with baby Pilates classes?

The postnatal Pilates mat work with baby runs every Tuesday from 10.30am-11.30am.

We welcome new mums and their babies from 6 weeks postnatal for all deliveries, provided there have been no postnatal complications. The focus of the Pilates exercises will be on the reactivation of the pelvic floor, helping you to regain good bladder function, re-establish back and stomach muscle balance, relieve your spine and shoulders from tension and pain, and help you get back into shape faster.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby and other new mums in a small group setting.

What should I expect during pregnancy Pilates classes or postnatal mat work classes?

A full 1 hour structured session using a range of Pilates studio equipment. This includes:

mat work

foam rollers

weighted balls

elastic bands

exercise balls

In both classes, your progression and regression of the exercises will be assessed on a monthly basis. This helps both you and us to understand your abilities and limitations at all times. This also helps us to lay out the goals and type of Pilates exercises needed during the three major phases of your pregnancy. Our small groups mean that all Pilates exercises are always tailored to your individual needs.

I have some other questions, who should I contact?

Take a look at our FAQs as most answers are there, but if not, please email Judy.

How do I book pregnancy Pilates or postnatal with baby classes?

All new clients wishing to attend pregnancy or postnatal Pilates will be invited to a free 1-1 session before joining a class. If you’re already a member you can book here.

Benefits of Pilates in Pregnancy

Taking part in regular, gentle Pilates classes can bring lots of benefits to new mums both before and after their pregnancy.

Here are six of our favourite benefits of pregnancy Pilates:

1. It keeps your pelvic floor strong – this is something that many women struggle with during and after pregnancy, so building up this strength from the start will help to counter many of the common problems women face. You will definitely be thanking your pregnancy Pilates sessions for any future trampolining sessions!

2. It will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles – having a strong core is always important but especially so during pregnancy. Your ligaments become more flexible as the pregnancy progresses, so keeping your core strong will help to reduce the likelihood of pelvic and lower back pain.

3. You learn to take control of your breathing – a key part of any pregnancy Pilates class includes the ability to calm the mind and lower your stress levels through conscious breathing. This skill can also be of huge benefit during your time in labour.

4. Balance is key – pregnancy Pilates will help to improve your core strength, giving you more awareness and control over your own posture as your baby grows bigger and your body shape changes.

5. You always work to your own fitness level – Pilates is a great way to continue exercising during your pregnancy and is gentle enough to return to six weeks after a birth without complications. It helps many new mums to feel stronger and fitter, as the focus is always on what you can comfortably do from week to week.

6. It’s an easy way to make ‘mum-to-be’ friends – you’ll find lots of ladies from around the local Welwyn Garden City area and beyond in our classes, so it’s a great way to meet and chat with other pregnant mums.

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